CoolTone® Muscle Strengthening

CoolTone® in Wayzata, MN

Tone Your Body

CoolTone® in Wayzata, Minnesota uses advanced Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, or MMS  technology, to help you obtain a strong, toned, active appearance without countless hours at the gym.

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Treatment Overview

CoolTone® in Wayzata hits the hard-to-tone muscles in the areas of your body where a lean, defined look matters most:


Tone abs, obliques, and other major muscle groups in your core.


Strengthen and tone specific areas of your thighs.


Firm and strengthen muscle groups in your buttocks.

How CoolTone® Works


Consultation/Determine Your Treatment

Before your treatment, you’ll meet with a member of our team of specialists to discuss your goals and how CoolTone® can help. Your specialist will examine the areas of your body you’d like to treat and determine if CoolTone® is right for you. Based on our initial consultation, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan that reflects your desired results.



The CoolTone® device uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions, resulting in a stronger, leaner, more defined you. During your treatment, relax in our comfort-focused procedure room while your specialist adjusts the settings to maximize your results.



After your treatments are complete, you will be advised of a maintenance program that is right for you. Typically this is once each month, with boosts as desired.

Treatment Results

When you undergo CoolTone® in Wayzata, you’ll notice stronger, more defined muscles.

A fit appearance is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be a major confidence booster, inspiring you to enjoy more of life with second guessing your appearance. Additionally, enhanced strength and power in these major muscle groups helps to propel you throughout your day.

Why Try CoolTone®?

CoolTone® is Non-Invasive

CoolTone® treatments are non-surgical, meaning you don’t have to put your life on pause while undergoing this procedure. You will experience little to no downtime.

CoolTone® is Safe

 CoolTone® is FDA Cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm three separate areas. Envision a more toned stomach, tighter thighs, and firm buttocks.

CoolTone® is Cutting-Edge

The muscle tightening treatments you’ll receive with CoolTone® are at the top of industry technology. Your results are both high-quality and unmatched by other treatments.

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Am I a candidate?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CoolTone® feel like?
Many patients report strong muscle contractions interspersed with a tapping sensation.
Does CoolTone® hurt? 
Many clients notice strong muscle contractions during treatment. Your CoolTone® expert will adjust settings according to your tolerance and to help you achieve your maximum outcome.   
Are there side effects after a CoolTone® session? 
Mild muscle cramping and minimal muscle soreness are common after a CoolTone® treatment in Wayzata; however, these are very similar to soreness you would experience after going to the gym.
When will I see results? 
This will vary based on your body type, existing muscle density, fitness level, etc. Many clients feel or see noticeable results right away.   
Is there downtime after a treatment? 
You can jump back into life after each procedure.  
Can CoolTone® work for men? 
CoolTone® is ideal for anyone looking for a firmer, toned appearance or more strength and power for your life activities.
Is CoolTone® safe?
CoolTone™ is FDA-cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Common side effects include muscle, joint or tendon pain, muscle spasm, and skin redness.