CoolSculpting® & CoolSculpting® Elite

CoolSculpting® Elite in Wayzata, MN

Sculpt the Ideal You

CoolSculpting® Elite in Wayzata at Vively Body Science uses cutting-edge technology that freezes away unwanted fat cells, giving you the sculpted body you want and the confidence you deserve. From this non-surgical treatment, many clients see a 20% to 25% fat reduction after each procedure.

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Treatment Overview

CoolSculpting® Elite in Wayzata at Vively Body Science allows you to address unwanted and stubborn fat in areas such as:


Target the unwanted fat in your upper arms.


Enjoy slimmer legs with reduced fat in your thighs, and more.


Get rid of unwanted fat in your abdominal region, including your stomach, flanks, and more.


Flatten out the rear view of you by treating your flanks (love handles), back area (back fat) and bra area (bra bulge).


Freeze away excess fat under your chin and along your jawline.

How CoolSculpting® Works


Consultation/Determine Your Treatment

Before your treatment, you’ll meet with a member of our team of specialists to discuss your goals and how CoolSculpting® or CoolSculpting® Elite can help. Your specialist will examine the areas of your body you’d like to treat and determine if CoolSculpting® is right for you. Based on our consultation, our clinicians will create a personalized treatment plan that reflects your desired results.



First, a gel pad or gel and applicator are applied to the targeted area. Next, the applicators use vacuum suction to draw the tissue into the applicator cup. Controlled cooling is then delivered to the treatment area. You may feel intense cold or sensations of pulling, mild pinching, tingling, stinging or cramping. These sensations typically subside within 10 minutes as the treatment area becomes numb. Many patients read or even nap during their session. After your treatment, you can  return to normal activities.



After your procedures are complete the areas may be tender, but no special restrictions are needed. We welcome follow-up to monitor your progress and answer any questions you may have. To ensure your results are long lasting, we also offer help with diet considerations and lifestyle habits.

Provider drawing on patient's stomach in preparation for body sculpting near Minneapolis.

Treatment Results

Many clients see a 20% to 25% reduction in adipose tissue.

In addition to a slimmer appearance, the loss of large fat deposits can also give you the energy and confidence you need to get out and enjoy life!

And the best part? The results you see with CoolSculpting® or CoolSculpting® Elite are long-lasting. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, your CoolSculpted body will stay that way—and only continue to get better.

Why Try CoolSculpting®?

Real, Long Lasting Results

Many of our clients experience 20% to 25% loss of the targeted fat with each treatment. An active lifestyle and healthy habits ensure these losses are long lasting.

Targeted Fat Loss

CoolsSculpting® and CoolSculpting® Elite allow you to reduce fat in specific, bothersome areas of your body.

An Expert Staff

The Vively clinicians that offer CoolSculpting® Elite in Wayzata are trained to provide safe, effective, and comfortable treatments.

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Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether CoolSculpting® or CoolSculpting® Elite is your ideal treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoolSculpting® right for me? 
CoolSculpting® is designed for individuals with unwanted pockets of fat that aren't resolved with diet and exercise. Individuals who are within 30 pounds or less of their ideal body weight see the best results with CoolSculpting®. 
Is CoolSculpting® safe? 
CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.   
Is CoolSculpting® painful? 
Most clients experience only very mild sensations during the beginning and end of the treatment; this can include tingling, numbness, and sensitive skin. CoolSculpting® treatments require minimal downtime.   
When can I expect to see results? 
This can vary based on your body type and unique treatment, but most clients see full results within 90 days of their treatment; initial results may be noticeable within 45 days.  
Is CoolSculpting® a weight-loss tool? 
CoolSculpting® is a targeted fat loss solution, meaning it's not designed for generalized weight loss. A Vively specialist can help you determine if CoolSculpting® is the correct procedure for you.  
Is CoolSculpting® for men too? 
CoolSculpting® is ideal for anyone interested in a slimmer appearance. This treatment can absolutely be tailored to meet the unique contours of the male body.