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A blonde woman smiles while touching her face and looking in a small mirror after seeing a skin specialist in Minneapolis

Vively Can Be Your Next Skin Specialist in Minneapolis

Finding a skin specialist that you can feel comfortable with is hard. Luckily, at Vively Body Science, we offer the most advanced skin treatment tools, as well as welcoming experts to help you along your skin journey! 

So finding skin specialist help is just one click away with Vivley

Looking Into 2024 With Vively

This year, we are pleased to offer nearly all of the same high-quality treatments as we did in previous years, but we do have some we want to highlight. 

See even better results with your skin health this year by trying out some new things that we offer or continuing last year’s skin treatment regimen. Let us take a look at some of these special treatments, some we have had, and some are new. 

The Importance of a Skin Specialist

You might be asking yourself, “Why is it important to have a skin specialist in Minneapolis?” And that is a perfectly understandable question. It can be easy to think that as long as you have a skincare routine, then you will be fine without a special skin doctor. And then, if a skin concern ever comes along, you can just find a specialist when you need one.

But here at Vively, we believe in finding a skin specialist to help you along your skin journey, whether you currently have concerns or not. It can be highly beneficial to have someone you are already comfortable with, that way you can go to them any time you feel the need to. When questions come up, you’ll know who to turn to for trusted, professional advice.

Why Pick Us?

We have quite the story on how we got started, and even after many years, we continue to provide quality care for our clients! 

Dr. Joshua Martini, who has always had a particular interest in blood management and infusion therapy, and his wife, Dr. Laurel Martini, who has over 20 years of experience in surgery, trauma, as well as acute care medicine, opened a full-service health spa together. 

Both Josh and Laurel have seen firsthand the effects of stress and poor health on individuals’ ability to heal, optimally perform, and feel their best. Opening their own med spa allowed their friends and neighbors in the Minneapolis area to avoid unhealthy life choices and help them build a beautiful life. 

So, Vively Body Science was born.

Our Mission

Though we have many areas of expertise, through the combination of several experts, we try to focus mostly on improving your confidence and wellbeing through regenerative aesthetics and medicine.

An Exciting, New Treatment for You

Learn All About Ellacor 

As we age, we all face a wrinkle or two, but what if there was a way to reduce wrinkles like never before? 

This new device that we offer is an elegant, simple concept. Ellacor uses hollow needles to remove that aging and sagging skin for improvement in those moderate and severe wrinkles. 

Ellacor allows for a new bridge between traditional minimally invasive treatments and invasive surgical procedures. This evolution through simplicity allows for skin removal without surgery—a major leap for aesthetics and a new way to address wrinkles at a level we haven’t seen before.

If you’re dealing with wrinkles in the mid and lower face, and other treatments or aesthetic options haven’t quite given you the results you desire, Ellacor may be what a skin specialist in Minneapolis suggests. With 90% of patients showing improvement and with an 86% overall patient satisfaction, Ellacor is able to knock out wrinkles where other treatments tend to fall short.

During your consultation with our expert specialists, our team will evaluate if Ellacor is right for you! So sign up for a consultation today.

Why It Is Exciting

Due to the nature of the Ellacor procedure, only physicians perform the service at Vivley. This device isn’t sold to just any Minneapolis skin clinic, so as exclusive as it is, we are honored to be able to have this device here at Vively.

Whether you’ve had many aesthetic treatments over the years or are planning your very first aesthetic procedure, consider Ellacor your answer if wrinkles in the mid to lower face are your concern.

Between Ellacor and Vively’s amazing skin specialists in Minneapolis, we will work with you to provide a natural-looking result that will build your confidence and improve the quality of your skin—all leading to the revealing of the real you once again.

Revisit Some Long-Time Favorites


Vively is also excited to continue offering Sofwave in Minneapolis! Sofwave is a revolutionary technology that smooths, tightens, and lifts the skin, all by means of heat and ultrasound technology, resulting in zero downtime. See significant improvement in just one treatment!

The amazing thing about Sofwave is that it is also so diverse. Sofwave is able to treat all facial areas, including:

  • Eyebrows 
  • Submental (the area under your chin but before your neck)
  • Neck

Having such a diverse treatment is wonderful because our experts are able to recommend this to most anyone wanting help with fine lines, wrinkles, or facial lifting. Sofwave also can help with cellulite!

In the same way that Sofwave targets collagen and stimulates elastin to minimize lines and wrinkles, it does the same with the appearance of cellulite on any area of the body.

With treatments only needed around once a year, you will be able to enjoy long-lasting results without the worry of keeping constant appointments.

You can return to your day right after treatment, as no downtime is required. You may experience redness or swelling around the treatment area, but it should resolve within a few hours. You can also continue your normal skincare routine after receiving Sofwave treatment from a skin specialist in Minneapolis.


At Vively Body Science, our HydraFacials take a deep dive into your skin, clearing out pores, removing blackheads, hydrating dry skin, and even touching on lymphatic drainage, all the while adding a youthful glow to your face once again. 

What the HydraFacial can do for you: 

  • Cleanses your skin and exfoliates the dry skin
  • Pulls out toxins in your skin
  • Hydrates your skin with moisturizing serums
  • Gives you protection from antioxidants

Each level of HydraFacial builds more into the experience, giving you refreshing, anti-aging choices for your facial at Vively Body Science. 

The Process

After a refreshing skin preparation, your HydraFacial begins. During the entire treatment, your specialist will communicate with you and adjust the pressure and level of suction to ensure your comfort. 

The sensation from the HydraFacial is completely pain-free, and many of our patients describe it as receiving a facial massage. Many say they are actually relaxed and nearly put to sleep during the session, so be reassured there is no pain or discomfort involved.

After your skin receives the luxurious bathing and hydration saturation, a finishing moisturizer with sunscreen is applied.

If you have any questions about how our HydraFacials work, feel free to contact us and we can discuss your options as skin specialists in Minneapolis.

Medical-Grade Skincare

Medical-grade skincare products provide so many benefits compared to what you will find with over-the-counter products, even if they are high-end department store counters.

The active ingredients in our products are evidence-based and provide more noticeable results faster. They are prescribed and monitored by our medical and aesthetic professionals.

So Many Options!

  • Revision – for firming and toning
  • ZO Skin Health – science-backed products
  • Neocutis – created with science 
  • Environ – striving for your skin’s rebirth
  • SkinMedica – rejuvenating and award-winning
  • Latisse – for longer, thicker lashes
  • Nutrafol – #1 dermatologist-recommended supplement for hair growth

Feel free to re-order or purchase for the first time any skin care products you want to get through us! We have so many options and a lot to look at, so you can view all of these options on our site, or feel free to schedule an in-person appointment to discuss all of this with an expert here at Vively.

Our skin experts will provide an in-depth analysis of your skin needs using the VISIA Skin Analysis system. Then, we will be able to make recommendations on which products will work best to help you achieve your goals. 

Go over all of this and more when you come in for a consultation with skin specialists in Minneapolis at Vively!

Visit Vively Body Science in Minneapolis 

No single treatment is going to be right for everyone, but we’re sure to have something for you! If you’re ready to improve your health and wellness, Vively Body Science is here to help. 

Whether you’re looking for a skin specialist in Minneapolis or complete Minneapolis skin rejuvenation, our experienced providers have you covered.

You deserve to look and feel your best. We are more than a med spa in Wayzata—we are a physician-owned and operated wellness clinic that cares for your whole health. From medical weight loss to aesthetic treatments, we can help you feel incredible at every stage of life. 

Schedule an appointment to get started, or use our free virtual consultation tool for treatment recommendations sent right to your phone!