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Your Naltrexone® for Weight Loss Provider in Wayzata | Vively Body Science

Weight loss can be so hard! It’s not enough that your body will fight you by trying to conserve calories when you’re trying to burn them. There are other factors that can hamper your efforts to achieve a healthier you. Especially if you suffer from food or sugar addiction.

At Vively Body Science, we understand the battle for control. Our medical professionals can help with a number of supplemental weight loss treatments to support your regimen. Contact us with any questions you might have.

For food and sugar addiction, we offer true help as your Naltrexone provider in Wayzata

Cravings as Addictions

The World Health Organization describes obesity as a world-wide epidemic. Contributing to this global issue are the realities of food addiction and sugar addiction

If you’ve suffered from obesity, you might recognize these signs of possible addiction:

  • You don’t feel hungry, but you can’t seem to stop eating. 
  • You’re full, but you continue no matter what. 
  • Certain places or feelings trigger eating binges. 

In all of these cases, self-control seems to take a back seat to the moment, and the calories come pouring in.

There’s also the very real addiction to sugar, frequently caused by our society’s high-sugar processed food environment. Sugar makes your body release endorphins in the body. These combine with other chemicals to create energy or feelings of pleasure—often called the “endorphin rush.” 

When our brains link an intake of sweets (sugar) with the desired positive feeling, they may become addicted to it. 

Food/Sugar Addiction Can Be Emotion-Based

Emotional dependency ranks as an addiction, too. Maybe as a kid sugary foods or treats were the centerpiece of celebrations for achievements. Or, they were used as a reward for good behavior.

They could also have been turned to as a self-reward when under mental or emotional stress. How many times do you see in the media when the main character over-eats or binge-eats after an emotional upheaval like a lost job or a breakup? It’s not just fiction. Many people become emotionally dependent on sugar because of that endorphin rush. 

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Fighting the Craving with Naltrexone

Naltrexone is a drug used to treat dependence. As researchers discovered the addictive nature of food and sugar, they realized that Naltrexone could be applied to help fight the body’s endorphin cravings during specific physical/emotional states. 

As your Naltrexone for weight loss provider in Wayzata, we know it doesn’t cause weight loss. However, when combined with a healthy diet plan and other possible supplements (such as Pellicome’s Craving Control, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and other weight loss supplements), it can help you fight the urges that damage your weight loss efforts.

woman resists donuts for a more healthy treat because of her naltrexone for weight loss provider in wayzata

How Naltrexone Works

As a federally regulated drug, you will first need a Naltrexone prescription from your licensed provider to start treatment. 

Once you have a prescription, your provider inserts a tiny pellet under your skin. As time passes the pellet slowly dissolves, releasing the Naltrexone into your system in continuous, measured amounts.

Generally, a cycle of Naltrexone lasts 4 months per pellet. At least 2 cycles will be required to help break a sugar/food addiction. More may be prescribed depending on your weight loss plan and your personal goals.

What happens when I stop taking it?

Naltrexone helps you defeat addiction to food and sugar. However, it’s part of an overall plan that should be created between you and your health care provider to address your current weight loss strategy, and your post-weight-loss maintenance.

The weight you lose can easily come back should you return to unhealthy eating and exercise habits. Make sure that your Naltrexone prescription is part of a bigger picture for your wellness goals.

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We are your Naltrexone for weight loss provider in Wayzata.

Vively Body Science strives to make sure everything we do is in accordance with one rule: promoting healthy living for our clients. Contact us with your Naltrexone questions, and if you don’t currently have a healthcare provider for your issues, we can recommend premiere providers in the Wayzata, Plymouth, and Minneapolis areas.

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