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vively body science provider adding nutrients to an iv bag as part of iv infusion in minneapolis

Feeling Great While Losing Weight: IV Infusion in Minneapolis

Becoming a healthier person who’s happy with their body and their wellness often involves weight loss. Fact is, obesity is at epidemic levels across the world, so if you are suffering from feeling overweight—you are far from alone.

Vively Body Science provides supplemental treatments that can work to support your weight-loss regimen. For the best and healthiest results, make sure your weight-loss regimen is first approved by your doctor. Then, let’s see what we can do together to help you reach your weight-loss goals!

IV Therapy As a Weight Loss Supplement

Let’s start with the basics: none of our supplemental strategies make you lose weight. They can help with the symptoms of weight loss efforts, such as cravings, fatigue, and even healthy diet.

A Vively IV infusion in Minneapolis can support your weight loss plan in any or all of 3 ways: 

  • Providing nutrition
  • Fat processing
  • Encouraging energy

Let’s look at the Vively IV infusion therapy choices that accomplish these goals.

Custom Bag

If you and your healthcare provider have determined that a very low-calorie diet best addresses your weight-loss goal, this could be your first choice. At Vively Body Science, we can formulate an IV infusion with compensatory vitamins and nutrients to “fill in” any losses, and support your body as it works to break down and lose the fat.

The fact that the infusion is introduced directly into your bloodstream allows practically 100% of the nutritional contents to be absorbed for optimum effectiveness.

The MIC Lipotropic Injection

A MIC injection—sometimes called a “fat burner,” “lipo burner shot,” or “lipo shot”—helps your body process fats quicker, and detoxifies your body better so that you can achieve optimum internal operating levels. 

With MIC in Minneapolis, your body can more readily decrease fat deposits, and more quickly remove the byproducts from your system.

Vitamin B12 Addition

Along with other supportive nutrients, a B12 “energy addition” can be added to your IV therapy bag. B12 has been shown to improve a person’s mood, cognitive function, and energy! It can also combat fatigue. 

The B12 energy addition can help with mood-based bad eating habits by elevating a person’s mood. Plus having more energy can help with the prescribed healthy exercise regimen. You may feel more like getting that much-needed movement!

Youth Revive

If you’re feeling lower in energy, a “Youth Revive” bag helps you sleep better, and helps lighten or erase those craving-inducing mid-afternoon crashes through coritsol stabilization. 

The Youth Revive IV infusion in Minneapolis combines a special blend of anti-aging and detoxification ingredients to support your weight loss efforts even as it helps return a youthful energy and vibrancy.

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How IV Therapy Works

First, we have a personal consultation. If together we determine that intravenous therapy would best assist your weight loss goals, we’ll schedule an appointment for the treatment. 

In the meantime your provider will customize a nutrient/vitamin formula to achieve the best results.

When you arrive for your appointment and are comfortable in one of our restorative treatment rooms:

  1. Your Vively provider inserts a catheter into your vein. 
  2. You relax as the IV therapy treatment gently delivers the vitamins, minerals and other supplements directly into your bloodstream.. 
  3. The IV infusion bypasses the digestive tract, allowing full absorption of the nutrients, vitamins, and/or hormones.
  4. The treatment averages a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes. It may require more, depending on the type of IV infusion prescribed.

You should start feeling the positive effects of your IV infusion almost immediately, because it’s delivered directly to your bloodstream.

Vively Body Science for IV Infusion in Minneapolis

Your goals, your life, our science—that’s a winning combination. At Vively Body Science, our mission is to improve your confidence and wellbeing through regenerative aesthetic medicine. Schedule an appointment, and let’s discover a better way to support your journey to wellness.

Be sure to use our virtual consultation tool. Discover what we can do to make you feel more like the best you!

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