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woman on couch with BBL results

Forever Young BBL Results: How They Differ From Traditional Laser Resurfacing Treatments

It can be hard to keep up with different technologies regarding skin rejuvenation. Today the professionals at Vively Body Science are going to discuss the difference between BBL results (Broadband Light) and typical laser resurfacing technology and what makes ForeverBBL unique from laser resurfacing treatments. 

BBL Uses Revolutionary Technology to Change Gene Expression

Clinical evidence in a study at Stanford University found that BBL stimulates change at the molecular level in the dermis (underneath layer of the skin) and visually in the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). The gene expression of aged skin cells changes to resemble younger skin cells. 

Dyschromias such as sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines, and other skin concerns are visibly reduced or eradicated. The cells are reinvigorated, and over time, treated individuals appear years younger.

With regular treatments, BBL can tighten skin elasticity and reduce hyperpigmentation for a clearer and more youthful complexion.

How is this different from laser resurfacing treatments? 

BBL doesn’t use laser technology but instead uses Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) to deliver the treatment. Essentially, laser resurfacing treatments are not clinically proven to change the skin at the molecular level like BBL treatments. They can prompt collagen production to address skin concerns, but there is no reversal of the aging process through a change in gene expression. This is what makes Forever Young BBL so special. 


Other Unique Qualities of Forever Young BBL Results

    • Fast procedure time. Up to 4 times faster procedure than traditional treatments.
    • Minimal if any downtime.
    • Minimal discomfort; no anesthetic needed.

Do you want to learn more about Forever Young BBL? Read our guide to find out about the technology behind it, frequently asked questions, paired treatments, and more! 

Come to Vively Body Science for Amazing Forever Young BBL Results

It’s safe to say that BBL technology is top of the line with its technology and results. Forever Young BBL is an amazing procedure for those looking to target signs of aging, and we also offer BBL treatments for acne and hair reduction. BBL can be used in different ways to treat all of these skin concerns and increase each patient’s confidence and wellbeing.

With aesthetic medicine, it’s important to have top notch skin treatment providers for the procedure. Vively Body Science is owned and operated by medical physicians. In addition to consistently researching and using industry-leading technology, we hire the best talent in the aesthetic industry; we are a team of exceptionally knowledgeable professionals. 

We have many years of medical and clinical experience, and we take a scientific approach to aesthetic treatments to help us create the best results for our patients. We’d love to meet with you to perform a skin analysis and discuss whether Forever Young BBL is right for you.

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