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Chemical Peel Treatment in Wayzata: Cool Peels vs. Aggressive Peels

A chemical peel treatment in Wayzata is a great way to bring out your skin’s natural brilliance and beauty. There are a variety of different peels available, at Vively Body Science, we use various forms of exfoliating chemical peels to lessen fine lines and wrinkles in your skin, while reducing signs of aging. With the use of acidic solutions, we remove dead skin cells, revealing younger skin cells. Peels range in intensity and depth of penetration into the skin.

Advantages of Cool Peel | Chemical Peel Treatment in Wayzata

Cool Peels have gained popularity as they offer exfoliation and lifting of old dead cells through less aggressive and irritating means than other types of chemical peels. The biggest advantage being that a Cool Peel doesn’t require down time like deeper penetrating peels. Downtime is only a day or two at most. Skin may feel slightly dry and scaly, but a cool light/cool peel won’t affect your routine as dramatically. With proper moisturization and avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight, any discomfort you may experience will be minor and short-lived. 

The process uses the specialized Tetra CO2 laser, which is more precise and operates in short bursts. This results in less heat being used on your skin, resulting in a more comfortable procedure. The process works wonderfully at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture, reducing pore size, can also reduce or eliminate sunspots, as well as reducing acne scarring. Cool peels only take 15-20 minutes.

Advantages of Aggressive Chemical Peels

We consider deep penetrating peels to be a more aggressive option, but they offer certain advantages. Deep peels get down farther into the skin, down into live cells for more extensive rejuvenation.

Through this more intensive care, we can repair deeper scarring and wrinkles. We will discuss whether this approach is right for you, because for certain patients, these methods can be very helpful.

Which chemical peel is right for you?

There is a vast difference between cool and aggressive peels and your skin’s needs. Along with medical skincare advice, we will determine which method is best suited for you. For minor wrinkles and scarring, a cool peel will be very beneficial. In cases of severe scarring and damage, an aggressive peel may be worth the extra preparation and recovery.

Visit Vively Body Science for a chemical peel treatment in Wayzata!

We are a medical spa owned and operated by physicians with over forty years of combined experience. We take pride in providing science-backed treatments for our patients to help them feel great in their skin. 

Chemical peels are an easy and relaxing treatment for anyone looking to improve their skin’s appearance and health. If you’re interested in a chemical peel treatment in Wayzata, schedule a free consultation online or call us at 952.388.3113 for an appointment. 

Our patients visit us from all over Minnesota’s Twin Cities and western suburb areas. Vively Body Science is conveniently located at 1133 Wayzata Blvd East, Wayzata, Minnesota.

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