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Beautiful woman sightseeing in site after finding out what is a botox lip flip

What is a Botox® Lip Flip? | Vively Body Science

Unless you’ve been living under a noise-canceling rock, you’ve heard of Botox. But have you heard of a Botox Lip Flip?

At Vively Body Science, our team believes that the more you know, the more you grow—in confidence, in intelligence, and in life. What is a Botox Lip Flip? Let’s find out.

First: how does Botox work?

 Botox injections relax the muscles at the treatment site. Why would this be important?

It’s because muscles in your face repeatedly contract to make your expressions. The natural effects of aging cause the skin above those muscles to lose collagen and elastin, two import elements to youthful looking skin. 

So, as those muscles continue to constantly contract, the places where they affect the skin become “expression lines.” Examples include the lines/wrinkles that form around your lips from frequent smiling. 

Botox injectables relax those facial muscles, keeping them from fully contracting. Now those muscles can’t deepen the lines and wrinkles further. The lines and wrinkles soften, and that creates more youthful-appearing, smoother skin. 

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What is a Botox Lip Flip?

Now that we know how Botox works, let’s find out how it works as a “Lip Flip.”

Imagine your lips looking fuller and plumper, but without using any filler or actually making them fuller. That’s what a Botox Lip Flip does. 

How it works

Your aesthetic provider injects Botox into your “Cupid’s bow”–that dipping arch in the middle of your upper lip. Effectively, this relaxes the muscles behind your upper lip, allowing it to roll just a little upward and fight the pull of gravity on this small area of skin, which makes more of the lip visible outwardly.

Voila! Your upper lip appears lifted without any increase in size. The enhancement is more subtle than filler, and takes a very short amount of time to accomplish. However, even with the more subtle effect, your lips achieve the appearance of a more lucious fullness.

As another benefit, the muscle relaxation from a Botox Lip Flip can work to smooth those expression lines, again accentuating the lips.

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What is the benefit of a Botox Lip Flip vs fillers?

The answer fully depends on your goals. A Botox Lip Flip provides more subtle enhancements, whereas plumping your lips with dermal filler can provide more dramatic results. 

 A Botox Lip Flip provides:

  • The appearance of fuller lips without adding extra volume
  • Anti-aging (think of it like a non-surgical upper lip lift!)
  • Subtle enhancement of your lips’ “pout”
  • More visibility of your upper lip when you smile
  • Non-permanent. Lasts 4 to 6 weeks because of the very small dose (4-6 units) and the movement of your mouth

A lip enhancement with filler provides:

  • Enhancement to upper and lower lip
  • Control of symmetry and shape
  • Increased longevity for treatment results;  usually 6 to 9 months
  • Stronger treatment for severe expression lines around the mouth

Can I combine a Botox Lip Flip with fillers?

Of course! You might use fillers to enhance just your lower lip while you have a Botox Lip Flip for your upper lip. Or, if you had your lips filled a few months ago, you could “touch up” the results with a Botox Lip Flip to continue their aesthetic achievements. 

Contact us at Vively Body Science with questions about how a Botox Lip Flip could fit in with your aesthetic routine. We’re here to answer your questions, and share the joy of feeling younger!

Lip service is real service at Vively Body Science

Vively Body Science is committed to promoting healthy living and providing minimally invasive services to foster healthy aging. From diminishing or erasing lines and wrinkles around your lips, to giving them that full, delicious, youthful look, our team at Vively Body Science is ready to help. Our expertise combined with your goals can create a plan that makes you feel like the best you! 

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