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Beautiful woman's face getting dermablading or dermaplaning in Wayzata

Dermablading Facial in Wayzata: How It Works

Dermablading is a beneficial addition to almost all skincare regimens and has many advantages for the beauty of your skin. You will notice healthier looking and feeling skin after your first treatment. Getting a dermablading facial in Wayzata at Vively Body Science on a regular schedule helps your skin stay healthy and responsive to topical care products.

How dermablading works

We perform dermablading with a single-use scalpel, but don’t let that intimidate you. The procedure is not scary at all. We will use the scalpel precisely to lightly skim the top layer of skin, gently removing it along with any vellus hairs (peach fuzz). Your face will feel clean, smooth, and exfoliated. It also helps reduce texture concerns like acne scarring!

A common misconception about dermablading is that removal of vellus hair will encourage your these hairs to grow back thicker, as is the case with hair on other areas of your body. Dermablading doesn’t actually have this effect, though. Vellus hair is a completely different type of hair. Vellus hair doesn’t grow back at an increased rate when we remove it. This type of hair stays thin and light, regardless of the number of times you have it removed, unlike other body hairs, which are known as terminal hair. Terminal hair is more mature, pigmented, with a larger diameter, and grows back thicker.

For most skin concerns, a dermablading facial is an ideal treatment. One exception is for active acne. We do not recommend you have dermablading performed if you have active breakouts. This is because the exfoliation process can actually spread bacteria across the skin, causing increased irritation, as well as causing the acne to spread. In the case of a breakout before a dermablading appointment, we would reschedule and allow your skin to clear up. This is not an issue on our end. We want you to get the most out of your dermablading appointment!

Preparation | Dermablading Facial in Wayzata

Our dermablading treatment requires very little recovery time; it is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure, and a safe method of cleaning and exfoliating the face. To get the most out of the procedure, we recommend you should do some easy preparation leading up to your appointment.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure

Burnt skin is more easily irritated. You should limit sun exposure for a couple of weeks leading up to dermablading.

If you wax, do it two weeks or more in advance

Waxing also removes skin when extracting the hair. To avoid irritation, it is better to wax before microblading.

No exfoliation 

Stop using exfoliating treatments or products for  3-5 days before dermablading. This is also to help avoid skin irritation. Dermablading is an exfoliation process itself, so you can count on smoother skin after treatment.


After your dermablading appointment, your skin will look and feel smoother and more youthful. For best results, we recommend it to continue avoiding excessive sun exposure and irritants. Use a gentle cleanser and skincare products for a few days after the procedure.

Depending on your specific skin type, we recommend dermablading every 4-6 weeks as part of regular skin care maintenance. Your Vively provider can help you determine the maintenance schedule that is right for your skin during your on-on-one skin consultation

When done consistently, dermablading will continue to produce noticeable results for your skin. We recommend dermablading in combination with other skin care treatments such as chemical peels to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Visit Vively Body Science for a dermablading facial in Wayzata at our medical spa near you!

We are a medical spa owned and operated by physicians with over forty years of combined experience. We take pride in providing science-backed treatments for our patients to help them feel great in their skin. 

Dermablading is an easy and relaxing treatment for anyone looking to improve their skin’s appearance and health. If you’re interested in a dermablading facial, schedule a free consultation online or call us at 952.388.3113 for an appointment. 

Our patients visit us from all over Minnesota’s Twin Cities and western suburb areas. Vively Body Science is conveniently located at 1133 Wayzata Blvd East, Wayzata, Minnesota.

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